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How do you unblock a badly blocked drain?

The Complete Guide to Unclogging a Severely Clogged Drain

A clogged drain can be caused by a variety of factors, the most common of which are hair, soap scum, and grease. When these substances accumulate in your pipes, they can cause a serious blockage. Because it is so easily tangled in the pipes, hair is the most common cause of clogged drains. Soap scum can also accumulate over time and cause a blockage. Grease, which can solidify and adhere to the sides of the pipes, is another common cause of clogged drains.

If your drain is clogged, you can unclog it with common household ingredients. In a measuring cup, combine 1/3 cup bicarbonate of soda and 1/3 cup vinegar. Because the mixture will fizz right away, pour it down the clogged drain as soon as possible. The fizzing action will help to remove gunk, hair, and grime from the pipe, clearing it and restoring proper flow.

If you are still unable to unclog your drain, it is time to call a professional. A plumber will be able to quickly diagnose the problem and devise a solution to get your drain flowing freely again.

Drain Cleaning Suggestions

There are a few things you can do to try to clear a clogged drain on your own. If the clog is severe, you may need to contact a professional. Meanwhile, here are some ways to keep your drains from becoming clogged in the first place:

– Prevention is essential! Regularly clean your drains with a high-quality drain cleaner. This will help to remove any grease or hair buildup that could eventually cause a blockage.

– Use caution when flushing your drains. Pouring grease or oil down the sink can cause it to solidify and cause a blockage. No other materials should be flushed down the toilet, only toilet paper!

– If you have trees in your yard, make sure their roots are kept away from your sewer line. Tree roots can grow into pipes and clog them.

How to Recognize a Blocked Drain

There are a few telltale signs that your drain is clogged and requires immediate attention. It’s time to act if you notice any of the following:

1. Water is backing up into other drains: This is an indication that your drain is clogged and should be unclogged as soon as possible.

2. There is an unpleasant odor coming from the drain: This is usually due to a buildup of waste and debris in the drain, which is extremely unsanitary.

3. The water drains slowly: If the water drains slowly when you’re taking a shower or using the sink, it’s likely that your drain is partially blocked.

Remember that prevention is always preferable to cure: keep drains clean by using cleaners and descalers on a regular basis to reduce buildup and avoid blockages. If you’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked, call in plumbing experts – they should be able to solve your problem quickly and effectively.

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