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Tommy Wallace
Tommy Wallace
Added a new laundry room sink and had these guys come do it. Flawless, they were in and out in a few hours and the work was perfect. Thanks for treating my house like your own.
Helen Gibbs
Helen Gibbs
We renovated our kitchen and needed a plumber. Called North Bay Plumbers, the guy on the phone was excellent to deal with so we gave them a try. Thank you for a great job.
Good guys got my popes working 💪
Dawn Ocampo
Dawn Ocampo
GREAT SERVICE, friendly and knowledgable plumber that doesn't over charge. Thanks man.
Lucas Evans
Lucas Evans
Finally renovated our bathroom and had to move some plumbing for our new shower. They were super helpful with some great suggestions and we love the job they did. Thanks
Elsie Martin
Elsie Martin
Thank god for North Bay Plumbers 24/7 emergency service. We had an issue on a long weekend that needed to be fixed right away. Called and they arrived within an hour. So appreciative. Thank you.
Jennifer Hase
Jennifer Hase
I want to recommend North Bay Plumbers because we had a good experience with them. We renovated our basement and added a wet bar. They did an amazing job.
Juan Hamilton
Juan Hamilton
Upgraded our Kitchen Sink to a large Farm Sink. Had North Bay Plumbers come in and do the plumbing. Appreciate the good work. Thanks again
Cecille Smith
Cecille Smith
North Bay Plumbers is the place to call when you have a plumbing issue. These guys are fast and do good work. Plus they didn't overcharge me. Good quality work at a fair price. Thanks
Gregor Hough
Gregor Hough
Needed an emergency plumber and thank god they were available 24/7 for us. Our washer in our basement started to leak, had to shut the entire house water system off and had them in to fix the leak. Thank you

Thibeault Terrace Plumbing


When you need plumbing service in Thibeault Terrace, rely on North Bay Plumbers. We are qualified, professional plumbers with the proven skills and qualifications needed to effectively address your plumbing needs. When you want quality and affordable plumbing services, you have come to the right place. Our plumbers are committed to the satisfaction of those who rely on them for their service needs. We perform a thorough job regardless of the extent of your service needs and are proud of all that we do. We’ll provide you with the quality of service that you want and deserve.

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Google Review for North Bay Plumbers
Google Review for North Bay Plumbers
Google Review for North Bay Plumbers
Google Review for North Bay Plumbers
Google Review for North Bay Plumbers
About Us

We are a local North Bay plumbing company that services all residents in the Thibeault Terrace neighborhood is also licensed, bonded, and insured. As a certified plumber, there is no job that is too difficult for us to handle. It is why our services are often referred to many of the other plumbing services in North Bay.

We have all that is needed to effectively provide you with the help that you want and need. Regardless of how much our customers can afford, we are happy to assist them regardless of how much they can afford. We are sure that we can provide them with the services that they need at a price that they can afford.

Since we do such a good job for our customers, we often receive more business through word-of-mouth than we do through advertising. Since we receive most of our business through word-of-mouth we save on advertising expenses and the savings are passed on to our customers.

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When you require a plumber, it is likely because of a specific problem with your shower, toilet, dishwasher, or some general plumbing concern, such as a leak. We do everything right and always provide our customers with the most thorough and effective services possible. Our plumbers are vetted and can address even the most challenging plumbing problems.

Plumbing Services in North Bay, Ontario
Thibeault Terrace Plumbing Services

There are all sorts of things that can affect your plumbing. If you require an experienced plumber to determine why you are experiencing plumbing issues, rely on North Bay Plumbers. We have a team of qualified professionals who are capable of helping with your faucets, garbage disposal, water heater tank replacement, drains, sewers, and more. We are the preferred plumbing company for a reason. Call us to find out why.

Commercial Plumbing Services in North Bay
Thibeault Terrace Commercial Plumbing Services

When you have an emergency plumbing problem, don’t just accept it and do nothing about it. Instead, call us right away and we’ll immediately dispatch a plumber to where you are. Our plumber contractors have worked with businesses of every type to help with their commercial plumbing needs. If you own a business then chances are that you can’t afford to take chances with your plumbing. Call us for major or minor plumbing problems.

“I simply couldn’t have asked for a better plumbing experience. The guys at North Bay Plumbers explained what the problem was and how they would fix it for me. I know that whenever I have a plumbing problem, exactly who I will call.” – John P.

Dishwasher Plumbing Services in North Bay, Ontario
Thibeault Terrace Dishwasher Plumbing Services

A dishwasher is an essential part of your kitchen and is prone to problems. However, the problems that you may experience are not uncommon. We can assist when your dishwasher isn’t draining or if your dishwasher is making a strange noise. Don’t try to troubleshoot the problem when we can troubleshoot and resolve the problem for you.

Toilet Clogged In North Bay, ON
Thibeault Terrace Toilet Plumbing Services

If your toilet isn’t flushing or it is clogged, you don’t have to panic, instead contact us and we’ll resolve the problem for you. In most households, they can’t go without the use of their toilets. Unfortunately, when one toilet is experiencing a problem, the other toilets in the house often experience problems. We can address all of your toilet problems at the same time.

“We couldn’t find a problem so we didn’t know why our tube wouldn’t drain. Even after having it worked on by a plumbing company, it still wouldn’t properly drain. After contacting North Bay Plumbers we haven’t experienced the problem. Whatever they did, it worked to clear up the problem. I highly recommend this company’s services.” – Arnold W.

Shower Plumbing in North BayNorth Bay Plumbing
Thibeault Terrace Shower Plumbing Services

If you have caulking that has become brittle and water is now leaking between the wall and the fixture, mold can begin to develop. This is when you should contact our plumbers to ensure that they can stop the problem from getting any worse. You can spend hours trying to figure out what the problem is or you can contact us and let us handle it for you in no time. Even if you don’t use your bathtub to take a bath regularly, make sure that you can use it when you want to by having the repairs made right away.

Bathtub Plumbing Services in North Bay
Thibeault Terrace Bathtub Plumbing Services

We work on all types of showers, digital showers, steam showers, modern showerheads, and more. Our plumbers also work on every type of shower system and water heaters. When you need shower valve repairs, outdoor shower repairs, shower faucet repairs, leak repairs, or any other type of shower services, rely on our experienced plumbers.

“I have never worked with any other plumbing company that does so much to find the cause of a plumbing problem. The plumber spent the house trying to find the problem and he did. I would use them again and suggest others use them when they have plumbing issues.” – Amanda T.

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Regardless of the extent of your plumbing needs, you can rely on North Bay Plumbers to help with your service needs. We offer affordable and effective plumbing services. Allow us to show you what makes our services so much better than the other plumbing services in North Bay. We offer you the quality of service that you are paying us for when you call on us for your service needs. You can always count on us to help with your plumbing needs, big or small. Call us for an appointment today.

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